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Check this list to see what applies to you?

Yes or No

I feel:
- Disconnected
- Unloved
- Unable to feel or give love
- Numb
- An impulse to rescue or carry others
- Burdened,
- Overwhelmed
- No or confused boundaries
- A sense of guilt, shame, injustice, fear, anger, sadness, helplessness but this deos not make sense in the context of my life experiences.
- Repeating destructive patterns of behaviour or relationships.

In the answers to above questions is ‘yes’, you may benefit from Family Constellations.


is Family Constellation about?

Family constellations are always about life and death, about being or not being. Anyone who has experienced Family Constellation will notice that the inner movement inevitably always goes forward, i.e. towards life. Everybody knows that we have planned many things, but cannot implement them, because entanglements keep us from doing so. By releasing the old unconscious bonds, our focus is directed towards true love, care, mindfulness and respect and dreams become reality.


does Family Constellation offer?

Frequently, it is beliefs that we have inherited from our parents that keep us imprisoned. In the past, these were created in the subconscious and are now in our way. This prevents changes in behavior. In the Original Hellinger® Family Constellations our hidden beliefs come to light, can be questioned, released and overwritten. The decision whether you are ready to do so is up to you personally.


is benefitted by Family Constellation?

in all kinds of conflict and problems
to maintain and improve the relationship; to be a good role model for children
for all kinds of problems: school problems, illness, aggressiveness, ADHD, addictions or bullying
in case of disease
to understand the background and dynamics of diseases and symptoms
in professions/work
in case of conflicts or failure as employee or independent professional
in business & management
for communication, hierarchy, decision-making and leadership.

What does a systemic coach or facilitator do?

A systemic coach zooms out with a systemic phenomenological perspective. For example: There is a problem in a team. The systemic coach, together with the client, will look at the team as a whole, but also at the organization, or its origins and perhaps more than that.
With the main question in mind: “What problem does this solve?”, the coach digs up underlying – often subconscious – patterns when people experience problems in their personal or professional lives. Observing and acting without judgment, the coach investigates the real cause of the problem. This creates insights and a different perspective, allowing the client to approach reality in a completely different way.

Orders of Love

Everyone lives, privately and professionally, ALWAYS in relationships. The family is the basis for every human being. Whoever wants to find their right place and purpose in life must know the basic life principles or"Orders of Love", which were discovered by Bert Hellinger, and integrate them into their lives. The Orders of Love are universal laws of life, independent of skin colour, culture and religion. They are the basis for the success in life on all levels.
Original Hellinger® Family Constellation leads to the realization that it is never too late for a happy life. For every person there is only one right place in the family, and that is their own place. Once you have found and taken this place, a new perspective opens up, which makes you capable of taking action.

What are systems?

You can think of a system as a group, within which the “rules” and frameworks are different from those that apply outside of it. We are all part of groups, of systems. First, you are born into your family’s system, even without consciously choosing to do so yourself. But also, a class(room), a sports club, a team in an organisation, a region, a country, society in general: these are all systems within themselves. And each system in turn is part of a larger system.

Trans-Generational Healing

Family Constellations is a trans-generational healing modality which explores the deep, unconscious dynamics which occur within a family system and how these often contribute to the challenges experienced in our everyday lives. A wide range of problems, even beyond family issues, can be addressed successfully through constellation work. These include: relationship difficulties; illnesses and diseases; dealing with the effects of abuse; depression and anxiety; career issues and many others.


While we are in our Mothers womb, we develop our Ancestral Bond to this profound library of informational experience, where we inherit not only the physical, but the energetic traits of those that came before us. Through this process we form alliances with our past and present family members and this will constantly have its effect on how our life unfolds.
Opposing the beauty, gifts and skill that are inherited, are the family tree’s lower emotions, dysfunction, trauma and fragmented beliefs, taken on as we attempt to balance and support the lineage. Constellation work happens at a DNA and soul level, working with reprogramming your Blueprint of Genetics and Epigenetics, to free clients from Systemic issues they hold from their family blood line.
We unconsciously support even those we feel no conscious connection to in the family, and this can cause life long anxieties, fears, beliefs and the whole range of emotional states or experiences in life.

Systemic experience is in our biology not the mind. Systemic dynamics cannot be understood by looking at the mind or mental consciousness. It is felt experience, always in relation to our family members and ancestors.

Family Secrets!

Family Secrets are another place where there can be a systemic urgency to give a place to one who has been excluded. How many families have a secret regarding a family member that is really not a secret at all? This secret may create a tremendous tension, a stress on the family system and the family soul that carries, without difficulty the belonging of everyone of everyone who has ever been a part of the family.
Confusion can occur with a child is born of a love affair; through Family Constellation work it appears that we often know about these other children. The Family Conscience may decide that a particular child, or children, do not count, are invisible, and should not be given a seat at the table. Sadly, in Family Systems Constellation, we see that this exclusion often is just the beginning of a multi-generational unconscious commitment to remember and perpetuate this family’s tradition of exclusion. Some part of this story may play again and again, down through the generations, until the essence of the dynamics and the excluded children have been given a place.
Many children (and adults) suffer because somewhere the were asked to agree to a lie: “I have not father” or “I have no mother”. Perhaps the father or mother left, or was pushed out, but in fact every human being, biologically has a mother and father.
For love to flow the parents give life to their children, who gratefully take their life from their parents. For love to flow there must be a balance of give and take between couples. For love to flow, we acknowledge the flow of life.


Illnesses very often are connected to the fate of another member of the family that has been excluded or forgotten. Health on the other hand, is restored when this excluded person is welcomed back into the family. Illness results when one person becomes entangled with the fate of another family member, who might have died generations before. Thus, health is made possible when the neglected family member is received back into the family with love and when reconciliations with that person has been achieved.

Does my family need to be there when I do a family constellation?


You can come alone and explore your question with a family constellation. Precisely because a constellation visualises the (often subconscious) undercurrent in systems, you gain new insights, which were not visible from within the system. Of course you can also come with your partner, or with a brother or sister, for example.

As a society, we have come a long way in terms of LGBTQ+ acceptance. However, despite the progress that has been made, being queer still comes with a lot of struggles. Queer people still face discrimination, rejection, and hate simply for being who they are.

One of the biggest struggles for queer people is coming out. This can be an incredibly difficult and scary experience. Many people fear being rejected by their friends and family or being discriminated against in their workplace or community. The fear of being ostracized can lead to many queer people living in the closet for years, or even their entire lives.

Even after coming out, queer people still face discrimination and prejudice. They may be denied jobs, housing, and other opportunities simply because of their sexual orientation. They may also face harassment and violence, both verbal and physical, from people who disagree with their lifestyle.

Even within relationships, queer people may struggle to find acceptance and support. Society often portrays heterosexual relationships as the norm, leaving queer people feeling like their relationships are somehow less valid. This can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Family Constellations, a form of therapy that explores the dynamics within family systems, can be especially helpful for queer people who may have experienced rejection or lack of acceptance from their families because of their sexual orientation.

Family Constellations work by uncovering the hidden patterns and dynamics within a family system and bringing them to light. Through this process, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of their own experiences and how they fit into their family system. This understanding can lead to healing and resolution of past hurts.

For queer people, Family Constellations can be particularly beneficial in addressing the pain and trauma caused by familial rejection. Many queer people have experienced rejection from their families simply because of their sexual orientation. This rejection can cause deep emotional wounds that can affect an individual’s mental health and relationships for years to come.

Through Family Constellations, queer people can explore the root of their rejection and find ways to heal. This may involve acknowledging and releasing feelings of anger, sadness, or shame. It may also involve identifying and breaking patterns of behaviour that have developed as a result of this rejection, such as a fear of intimacy or a tendency to seek out unhealthy relationships.

Family Constellations can also help queer people find a sense of belonging and connection within their own families. By exploring the dynamics of their family system, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of their family’s history and how it has impacted their own experiences. This understanding can lead to a sense of empathy and compassion for family members who may have initially rejected them and pave the way for healing and reconciliation.

In addition to addressing familial rejection, Family Constellations can also help queer people explore other issues related to their sexuality, such as internalized homophobia or shame. By working through these issues, individuals can develop a stronger sense of self-acceptance and live more authentically.

While Family Constellations can be a powerful tool for queer people seeking to heal from the wounds of familial rejection and find a sense of belonging and acceptance within their own families.